Sunday, June 27, 2010


Morale is high. God is good! This past week of training looks very similar to my previous weeks training with the exception of my longer swim workouts. I wanted to build some base and work on my stroke mechanics before I started increasing distance in my workouts. I didn’t want to experience the shoulder pain I experienced after the Half Ironman in March that I think was mostly related to poor mechanics. I’ve found out that sore shoulders are very common in swimmers and the only solution is improved mechanics and exercises to increase shoulder strength… and rest. For the next four weeks I will be doing 1,300 yards then increase to 1,500 yards and eventually 2,000 yards. Swimming improvement comes in very tiny increments especially without coaching…and no coach has you swimming only twice a week which is what I’m doing. For Ironman I just need to beat the swim cutoff of 2:15:00. Based on my Half Ironman I feel I can do a 1:40:00 with my training plan. The first goal is to finish.
Although the past two weeks seemed relatively easy as far as training goes, all of that is changing the next two weeks as both my running and biking mileage will be increasing. I will be doing bricks after my long Saturday ride again and my Sunday runs will be increasing to 12 and 13 miles. There is plenty of work still to be done! Here are last week’s numbers.


TUESDAY- Brick. Bike 1:00. Run 4 miles.
WEDNESDAY - Swim 1,300 yds. Run. Track workout 6.25 miles.
THURSDAY - Bike 1:00 with hills.
FRIDAY - Swim 1,250 yds.
SATURDAY - Ride 2:09 (38 miles).
SUNDAY - Run 10 miles followed by a :45 minute bike.

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