Thursday, March 25, 2010

This is it! Ironman 70.3

I have to admit it's been nice to have an easy training work load this week. I really feel like my tapering is right on. I've enjoyed the extra rest but I have some anxiousness to get out on the race course to see what I can do. Here is what this week of training has looked like.
Monday - Day Off

Tuesday - 1 Hour easy ride with hills

Wednesday - Swim 1,250 yards Run 2.5 miles easy pace (8:40)
Thursday - Day Off (What? two days off in one week?)
Friday - Easy pre-ride of IMCA run course. (No pre-riding of bike course allowed)

I also wanted to tell you about some products that I've been using and believe in.
SLS3 Compression Socks.
The socks rock! I first saw these socks when my wife and I were in Kona watching the Ironman World Championship. I saw these elite triathletes wearing old school knee high socks that haven't been worn since Michael Cooper of the the 80's era Lakers. I later found out that they were compression socks that help with performance and recovery. I had to try them and after three triathlons a half marathon and numerous runs of 8 -12 miles, these socks make a difference! SLS3 is the only brand made of polypropylene which wicks moisture faster than the nylon socks of its competitors. Give them a try on your next 10K or longer run and you will be amazed!

Hammer Nutrition Perpetuem.
The last three weeks I wanted to start testing nutrition products for easy fueling during a Half Ironman and eventually Ironman. My search started and ended with this product. I have to say that nutrition is very subjective for triathletes and I fortunately have been blessed with a caste iron stomach, however this product goes down easy and fuels you for very long time. I've twice ridden 100 kilometers followed by a two mile run on a banana and one package of Perpetuem and felt great afterward. This is my fuel of choice for IMCA.

Bontrager Aeolus 5.0 Wheels
I've had these wheels in a box in my garage and finally busted them out for IMCA. I did my last training ride (100K) on these wheels and I have to say they are amazing! Light, Stiff and VERY VERY FAST! If nothing else it makes me look fast and makes my bike look good! I even received my first ever compliment on my four year old Trek Madone after putting these wheels on..."that's a nice bike"

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