Monday, March 15, 2010

Ironman 70.3 Training

After the Desert Triathlon test it was back to my final two weeks of training before IMCA. Having a "break" in training to do a race really helps morale and I believe fitness as well. When I got back on the bike after my off day, I was a little sore but still rode my usual time on the hilly course I like to do. If you are looking at my training numbers you will notice that they are basically staying the same each week. This was not my original intention for my program. Unfortunately time constraints and a very rainy So. Cal. winter have made me adjust my program accordingly. For my Tuesday and Thursday bike I would like to be riding 90 to 120 minutes. For my Wednesday run I wanted to do six miles instead of the four I'm doing now. I also wanted to do more brick workouts after my long Saturday rides but it just has not worked out. I now realize how important it is to do runs after the bike, even short runs of 10 to 15 minutes minutes. You may be asking why I'm not swimming more? Well my excuse is...I'm not really a fan of swimming and there is the expense of $5 every time I go! My goal for the 70.3 is to experience the challenge of doing something I have never done before and to finish strong. At the same time I want to keep some kind of balance in my life. I was not blessed with the athletic talent to be competitive triathlete so for me to try and be one would just be about me and my ego. I do believe that God has gifted me with a healthy body and a love for physical challenge and I pray that competing in an Ironman at whatever speed gives glory and honor to Him. I want to always have perspective that time with God and ministry, and time with my wife and daughter are the most important times of all.
Monday - DAY OFF!
Tuesday - Bike 1 hour w/hills
Wednesday - Swim 1,250 yards. Run 4 miles speed work.
Thursday - BRICK Ride 1 hour w/hills followed by 2 mile run at 8:30 pace.
Friday - Swim 1,250 yards
Saturday - BRICK Bike 62 miles followed by 2 mile run at 8:40 pace
Sunday - 11 Mile run with hills at 9:14 pace.

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