Friday, March 5, 2010

Ironman Training Update

I can't believe its been nearly three weeks since I've posted and I'm now three week out from IMCA. I have some of the best weeks of training going in to this week but now I'm feeling a bit tired. In fact I had one of my worst swim workouts in weeks. I couldn't breath right, my chest felt tight and I just felt lethargic. Almost everyone in our office at work has been very sick the past two weeks and I've been trying to avoid the germs and asking God for continued good health. I'm not sure if I'm a little over trained, trying to fight something off or both.
Here is a look at my training the last week.
Monday - REST!
Tuesday - Bike one hour with hills.
Wednesday - Run four miles speed work (2 miles sub 8 min.) Swim 1,250 yards.
Thursday - Brick workout. Bike one hour with hills followed by two mile run.
Friday - Swim 1,250 yards
Saturday - Run 12.1 Miles (8:50 pace) in the pouring rain!
Sunday - Bike 2:30 with hills.

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