Sunday, September 19, 2010


 For lunch I'm having a "bike sandwich". Why a bike sandwich? This helps to prepare your body for what an extended duration of effort and fatigue will feel like without the risk of training injury by breaking up your long run in to two portions.
Last week I talked about how my training is getting to be a drag. So much of training for an Ironman is your mental attitude and outlook. There are some things I never allow my mind to think about during training...for instance during my long bike of 60 -70 miles I never think about the run I have to do after the bike, where I'm going to run or how my legs might feel when I start my run. If I start this type of thinking I begin to lose the joy of being in the here and now of feeling great on the bike and how well my ride is going. 
This week I had an opportunity to rejuvenate to some degree as I had a "recovery" week that looked like this:
TUESDAY - Brick.  Bike 16.5 miles Run 4.4 miles
WEDNESDAY - Swim 1 mile. Run 5.0 Miles (track workout 1,200 repeats)
FRIDAY - Swim 1.1 miles.
SATURDAY -  Ride 3:27 (68.1 miles)
SUNDAY - "Bike Sandwich" Run 8 mi. Ride :30 min. Run 5.4 mi.
This was the first of four "bike sandwiches" I'll be doing over the next few weeks. Again, if I start to think about the second run during the first run it seems overwhelming to me and I find myself losing the joy of the moment and even slowing down. It's important to just focus on the current task at hand and how your body feels at this moment, for this portion of your workout. Never, I repeat never, think to far ahead in the days workload! Focus and complete one task at a time and enjoy the moment of your effort in the here and now. This will also serve you well at race time.

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