Sunday, August 8, 2010


This past week was one of my best overall training weeks. I set a PR at Peters Canyon and the following morning had a great swim which was unexpected with the stress of the race the night before. On Sunday my wife decided to join me for my long run and I had one of my best long runs since I began training for IMAZ. One interesting training note is that my run after the bike on Tuesday is always slower and harder than my run after the bike on Saturday. Maybe it's because I work all day Tuesday? Maybe it's because I'm coming out of an off day? If you look at the numbers you would not guess I would be faster on Saturday.


TUESDAY- Brick. Bike 1:37 (30.1 miles) Run 4.2 miles.
WEDNESDAY - Swim 1,500 yds. Bike 1 Hour.
THURSDAY - Trail Race 5.0 miles 41:15
FRIDAY - Swim 1,500 yds.
SATURDAY - Brick. Ride 2:56 (56.7 miles) Run 5.6 miles.
SUNDAY - Run 11 miles followed by a 1:00 easy bike (14.6 miles).

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