Friday, July 16, 2010

Race Weekend!

It's been almost four months since I've done a triathlon. I'm looking forward with much anticipation to see how well I perform as I take a break from my training to compete. This will be only my fifth triathlon and I know I need to work on my skills in a real race situation. Especially my transitions which are horrible...kinda like my swimming. Speaking of swimming this will be my first opportunity to start the swim off of a beach with surf. I feel like I've made improvements in my swimming however swimming with tide and current should make it tougher which is good!
I cant imagine training months for an Ironman and not doing some racing during that training period. You need to go out and have fun once in awhile. It's a great opportunity to gauge yourself and gain experience. I still get nervous about doing a triathlon and that's a good thing!
Here are my time goals for this weekend.
Swim 30:00
T1 5:00
Bike 1:10:00
T2 4:00
Run 53:45
TOTAL 2:42:45

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