Monday, July 12, 2010


My Achilles seems to be responding to my ice and elevation routine. I'm sure prayer hasn't hurt either. This week was a hard week but surprisingly my Friday thru Sunday workouts were really strong despite doing a very difficult race on Thursday. I can feel my body adapting to the increased workload. Most important was the Monday off. This past Monday (July 5th) I took a true rest day just like a Pro athlete would. No work. No walking, riding, running or even going to the store. Just sleeping, eating, icing and elevating my legs while watching the Tour De France with my wife. What did I learn form this? It was so rejuvenating mentally and physically to do this before I started the Ironman work once again. It's so hard for us working mortals to train for an Ironman and to try and recover like a Pro. Don't feel compelled to complete all of your "To Do" list on your off day. Relax and recover. Your next weeks workout will be so much easier on your body, mind and soul.
TUESDAY- Brick. Bike 1:21 (24 miles) Run 4.3 miles.
WEDNESDAY - Swim 1,300 yds.
THURSDAY - Peters Canyon Trail Run Race 42:59
FRIDAY - Swim 1,350 yds.
SATURDAY - Brick. Ride 2:58 (57 miles) Run 4.4 miles.
SUNDAY - Run 12.5 miles followed by a :30 minute bike.

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