Monday, July 5, 2010


This week was a pretty intense week although there will be more difficult ones to come. I'm learning to appreciate my Thursdays and Fridays when I only train at one discipline. My biggest concern right now is my right Achilles tendon which is beginning to bother me. If your reading this and have any advice please pass it on. Research I've done tells me to reduce mileage, running hills and ice. I can gladly cut out the hills and ice is not a problem but reducing my training miles...

TUESDAY- Brick. Bike 1:01 Run 4 miles.

WEDNESDAY - Swim 1,300 yds. Track workout "pyramids" total 7 miles.
THURSDAY - Bike 1:01 with hills.

FRIDAY - Swim 1,300 yds.
SATURDAY - Brick. Ride 2:44 (52 miles) Run 4.3 miles.

SUNDAY - Run 11 miles followed by a 17.2 mile bike.

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