Friday, January 29, 2010


This has been a week of ups and downs as my wife daughter and I just returned from a mission trip to Mexico with Homes of Hope and witnessed what life is really about and how God can bring about true change. That was the up part of my week. The down part is I found out that Ironman Arizona (IMAZ) the race I was targeting is completely sold out! All of my plans, even scouting out the course now seem purposeless to me. It's really put me in to a funk. I even had a nightmare about it.
I'm sure your asking, why didn't you register sooner? Why do all of this planning, and training before even registering? First of all, the day after IMAZ 2009 I received an e-mail saying that the race sold out the day after the race! They have onsite registration the day after IMAZ and it sold out then. I never had a chance. I still had one more option. The Ironman organization saves Community Foundation slots for each race to raise money for local charities where each race is being held. I still had a chance...the problem is these slots are $1,100 each! Not exactly what I was budgeting for the race entry. Still, I had a chance to enter the race if I was willing to pay the fee. My plan was to compete in IM California 70.3 in March. If that race (my first Half Ironman) went well for me I would register for IMAZ. I wasn't about to spend $1,100 only to fall flat doing a Half Ironman. This week it was announced IMAZ is completely sold out. Even the Community Foundation slots. Now my goal of finishing my first Ironman this year is in serious jeopardy. Not because I haven't done the training, don't have time or have an injury, its because my race has sold out! How frustrating is that!
As I continue to train for IM California I'm trying to not let these circumstances bring me down. Some day I may still be an Ironman...or at least Half an Ironman.

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