Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ironman 70.3 Training

I’m now six weeks out from Ironman California (IMCA) and just received my “Athlete Information Guide” from Ironman with all the Do’s and Don’ts and course information I will need. Two things caught my eye. This paragraph:

There will be a NO PASSING / NO SPEEDING zone on the first long descent on Basilone Road (approx 39 to 40 miles into the bike course). The speed limit on this dangerous descent will be 25 miles per hour. ANY RIDER SEEN PASSING OR DEEMED TO BE RIDING TOO FAST OR OUT OF CONTROL WILL BE DISQUALIFIED - NO EXCEPTIONS. This descent will be well marked with blinking lights and signs. Volunteers will be shouting verbal reminders.

Although I know this rule is due to a fatal accident at IMCA a few years ago I couldn't help but feel disappointment that I can’t bomb past all of the tri-geeks that swim way faster than me. Having raced mountain bikes and road bikes there is nothing more satisfying than to go flying by someone on a fast and tricky decent who was probably putting on their bike shoes and helmet while I was still rounding the first buoy on the swim. I've never been told to slow down during a bike race.
The second think I noticed in my “Athlete Information Guide” was this:

Rohto Ironman 70.3 California will offer a limited number of slots on a first-come, first-served basis for the following races:
2010 Ford Ironman St. George
2010 Ford Ironman Coeur D’Alene
2010 Ford Ironman Lake Placid
2010 Subaru Ironman Canada
2010 Ford Ironman Louisville
2010 Ford Ironman Wisconsin
2010 Ford Ironman Florida
2010 Ford Ironman Arizona

Could it be that I might still have a shot to register for IMAZ??
I guess I will find out on 3/27!

Here is a quick snapshot of what my training looked like this past week.
Monday - Recovery Day

Tuesday - Bike one hour with hills.
Wednesday - Run four miles speed work. Swim 1,250 yards.
Thursday - Bike one hour with hills followed by a two mile easy run. (Brick)
Friday - Swim 1,250 yards.
Saturday - Bike 60 miles. 40 miles at race pace.
Sunday - Run 11 Miles. (8:48 mi. pace)

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