Friday, January 15, 2010


Due to some computer problems I haven’t posted in weeks. Since my last post when I talked about morale I’ve transitioned in to a state of serious training and my morale has been good to very good. Getting past the holidays and starting the New Year has been huge motivation for me as I know these are critical weeks to my training for Ironman 70.3.
This is what my current training week looked like:
Sunday: 9 mile tempo run at 8:55 pace.
Monday: REST!
Tuesday: 1 hour hard bike with hills.
Wednesday: 4 mile speed work run and 30 minute 2,000 yd. swim.
Thursday: Brick workout. 1 hour bike with hills followed by 2 mile easy run.
Friday: 30 minute 2,000 yd. swim.
Saturday: 3.5 hour 67 mile bike.
This weekend I’m traveling with my wife Liz to Phoenix Arizona for the Rock and Roll Marathon. Liz is hoping to use this race as her Boston qualifier by running a 3:40. OF course I will be supporting my wife during the race but the rest of the weekend for me will be spent scouting out the Ironman Arizona course. Since IMAZ as its know has a bike and run course where competitors have to run and bike three laps of each, I will be able to run and ride the entire course this weekend! Updates on Liz and my IMAZ scouting report when I return!

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