Saturday, November 20, 2010

SATURDAY UPDATE (The day before race day)

Today I slept until 9AM. Liz got up early to go to a volunteer orientation. She will be volunteering at bike aid #1 for a three hour shift. This will also allow her to gain access to all areas of the transition to support me if necessary and of course take photos.
After a small breakfast of a bagel and banana I headed out to do my final training prep of a 8 mile bike and a 1.2 mile run. Just enough to get the blood flowing and the body ready for tomorrow's effort. I felt great today and had to hold back on both the bike and my short run.

With my mini workout complete I now had to start organizing my gear for the race. This to me is one of the challenging aspects of doing a tri. You have to make sure you have equipment for three separate events. Ironman helps organize this for you by providing you with five large plastic bags with drawstring that you place your number on and put your gear in. You have a Morning Clothes Bag, Bike Bag, Bike Special Needs Bag, Run Bag, and Run Special Needs Bag. The special needs bags are your "emergency bags" that are available to you once, halfway thru the bike or run course. In those bags you put, nutrition, medications, clothing, tubes, CO2, whatever you think you may need out on the course. I have a checklist for each bag but it's still a little stressful. You don't want to forget something like shoes, sunglasses. 
Greg and the IronSister
With this task done I was off to transition to check in my bike and bags. Because I'm an athlete who did the Janus Charity Challenge fundraiser I received a preferred bike slot in transition right next to the Pro athletes. My bike is racked near Sister Madonna Bouder who is 80 years young and has participated in over 40 Ironman competitions. In fact they had to make an 80+ race category just for her. Of course I introduced myself and shared with her the Homes of Hope ministry and my verse 1 Cor 6:20 and when I told her this is my first Ironman she got so excited and gave me a hug and had this advice for me..."God's will never takes you where God's grace isn't sufficient for you" What an amazing woman. I was so humbled and inspired. Her number is 96 if your interested to see how she does.

Today I was reading my devotional and wanted to share part of it with you. It seemed so appropriate for tomorrow and this entire Ironman journey...

          Behold, as the lilies of the field, and as the grass, so your life is
                 but for a season.
          Yes, though you flourish in health, yet your time is short. You
                 have no sure promise of tomorrow.
          Therefore live each day as though it were your last.
                 Seize each opportunity, knowing that it may be the last.
          For it is certainly true that no situation presents itself twice the
                 same. The opportunities of today are not those of tomorrow.
          Do not live as though they might be repeated.
                 Do not fail to enter every open door, or be held back by a
                 feeling of unreadiness. I Myself am your preparation.

Here are my goal times. I honestly don't know what to expect. I feel my times are reasonable, especially my bike split. Talking with so many Ironman veterans I'm told every race will have it's own personal challenges that you can never predict. With the weather forecast calling for rain tomorrow that adds just another challenge to Sunday's adventure. I know that our Heavenly Father and your prayers will sustain me thru the day. Thank you for offering them and your support!

Swim 2.4 Miles    1:44:00
Bike 112 Miles    6:20:00    17.7 MPH Avg.
Run 26.2 Miles    4:35:00    10:29 Min. Mile Pace
T1                            :10
T2                            :09
TOTAL                12:58:00


  1. Hi Greg! You don't know me but my father-in-law Lloyd Peckham told me about your race today. I had initially wanted to do this race after I was unable to do Vineman in '09, but decided not to combine training for my first IM with my first year of being a parent. :) Someday hopefully things will work out for me to do one. I wanted you to know that Daniel & I are praying for you now and just looked you up on - looks like you are persevering, even in the rain! Keep it up!

  2. Hey Daddy!! I'm watching your splits right now and you are doing great!! At first I thought you were a few hours behind, but you aren't!! Can't wait to watch you go through that finish line :) Love you and I'm praying for you.