Monday, May 17, 2010

Ironman Weekly Workout

I've settled on a training plan and over the past two weeks began training for Ironman Arizona (IMAZ) which is November 21st. You can find my training plan here however as I post my workouts you will notice that I'm not completely following the plan. I always want to give priority to my God and ministry, my wife, my daughter and then training. With that in mind my training has to be fluid and what I've found training for a Half Ironman is you can cheat on the hours per week as long as you give more intensity to a shorter workout. My goal is to finish an Ironman not qualify for Kona and I have no aspirations at this point to do more than one Ironman event. At this point I don't have a particular time goal however I want to finish strong meaning finishing is never in doubt. I do have some deep personal reasons for doing an Ironman which I will discuss later. Here is what last weeks training looked like. I'm in a base building phase so these workouts are lower intensity (aerobic zone only).
Monday - Day Off
Tuesday - BRICK. Bike one hour with hills, Run 3 miles.
Wednesday - Swim 1,000 yards, Run 4 miles
Thursday - Bike 1:15
Friday - Swim 1,000 yards
Saturday - BRICK Bike 48 miles, Run 3 miles.
Sunday - Run 9 miles followed by :50 minute easy bike.
Unfortunately after this weeks workout I've come down with a virus that I feel is due to lack of sleep and rest. All of the Ironman advice I read says be sure to get 8 hours of sleep and rest your body. Something I neglected to do last week.

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