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prov·i·dence - "The doctrine of divine providence, therefore had reference to that preservation, care and government which God exercises over all things He has created, in order that they may accomplish the ends for which they were created." ISBE

Alejandro, Aracelis, Hernan
 I can't help but look back to the night of October 11th 2008 in Kona Hawaii where the dream of doing an Ironman began and how it would all culminate in the building of a house for a wonderful family in Mexico this past weekend. When I started my  Ironman journey it was important to me that it wasn't just self serving or that this whole idea of becoming an "Ironman" didn't take precedence over family, ministry, or friends. I will never forget the words of my counselor/teacher Ron Davis, "Greg, what makes you think God can't use this Ironman for his glory?" As it turns out God did use it in the most amazing way. Thanks to the generous donations of my supporters I raised nearly $4,000.00 through the Janus Ironman Charity Challenge to build a home for a family that was so deserving. This family, Alejandro, Aracelis and their son Hernan operate an orphanage for over 30 children in Tijuana including 18 infants and toddlers three of which have special needs. This family lived at the orphanage which meant they had no time for themselves. They were so grateful to have a place of refuge where they can now re-energize themselves for the daily struggles of running an orphanage in Baja Mexico. This also frees up space so the orphanage can take in more children. It was such a privilege to build a home for this family who makes sacrifices daily to meet the basic needs of little ones who are were not seeing those needs being met. Some of these children have been abandoned by their mother or father, some are children born to a drug addicted mother, others have seen their father leave and the mother forced to finding work can no longer care for her child or children. It's all a bit overwhelming to hear from Aracelis about the struggles and anger that these children are trying to cope with and escape.
Raising the wall
The house build itself was nothing short of miraculous.Unlike previous years of rain, this year we had perfect build weather with sunny skies and temps. in the low 70's. We also had a very strong team with plenty of building experience. It didn't hurt having kids from the orphanage help with the painting! With God's grace we finished building the home by noon on Sunday. Amazing! I have to say that without a doubt this was the nicest house we have ever built.

If you want to build like an Ironman you've got to eat like one!
Hernan and Aracelis
Hernan and his amigos
Truss this!
To my generous sponsors, I want you to know that Alejandro and Aracelis are so deserving of your gift and they so appreciate what you have sacrificed for them. They are so loving, so caring and willing to give of themselves every day for the well being of the orphans. Through your support of this family you have helped indirectly to make the lives of each and every orphan that they care for just a little better.

You want it cut in centimeters?
Thank you for supporting my Ironman Homes of Hope quest and impacting the lives of so many in such a wonderful way. This wonderful journey and God's providence in all things has touched me so deeply and forever changed me...I hope you feel the same. To use the words of Aracelis and Alejandro, "Que Dios bendiga sus vida grandemente" "May God bless your life greatly"
The Team
New bedroom
Kids helping paint
Dining room table

I want to share some unedited video with all of you. These are two very powerful clips that you must watch. One is the dedication of the house with Aracelis and Alejandro thanking us. The other is an interview with Aracelis asking her about the orphanage. The last video was taken at the orphanage with the infants. Please watch and enjoy the videos below. 

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  1. This is awesome. I struggle with making triathlon a force for good, as opposed to just something I want to do for ME.